Used Chillers

A chiller transports heat from a room that needs to be cooled to the outside air or to a liquid. There are 2 kinds of chillers, air-cooled and water-cooled. An air-cooled transports the hot energy to the outside air and a water-cooled chiller transports the heat to a liquid. These processes are kept in place by using a compressor.

The 4 main parts of a chiller

Every chiller consists of the following 4 basic parts:

  • A compressor
  • A condensor
  • An Expansion Ventile
  • An Evaporator

A chiller consist of a closed system which is filled with cooling material. When the chiller is working, the refrigerant is being pumped around and changes from a gas to a liquid and the other way around. The gas is being sucked by the compressor, which comprises the gas into a higher pressure and temperature. In the case of an air-cooled chiller the refrigerant is circulated to the evaporator en is being indirectly cooled by the surrounding air. In the case of a water-cooled chiller the refrigerant is being indirectly cooled with water instead of air.

When the refrigerant is cooled down, the heath is being given to the air and it changes into a liquid again. This liquid flows towards the expansion venture, which expands the liquid from a high pressure to a low pressure liquid.

On the other side of the evaporator a water stream that needs to be cooled is circulating. By subtracting heat from the room, the processing liquid will decrease in temperature and will thus be cooled.

Comparable to a heat pump

A chiller works the same as a heat pump, both appliances change the temperature levels of a room. The purpose of a chiller is however to cool and the goal of a heat pump is, quite obviously, to heat.

The refrigerants that are being differentiated are synthetic refrigerants and natural refrigerants. Synthetic refrigerants do not occur in nature, but are created by humans for industrial purposes. Natural refrigerants are created by nature, such as water, CO2, NH3 or carbons.

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